"It's the little moments together that make the best memories forever."

In Her Memory

"Thank you for taking these pictures. I didn't have a photographer in my wedding..." she said. Those simple words filled my heart. And as I walked the streets of Clifton, Virginia, following this amazing couple that had been for each other 65 Years! I need to say it again, "who loved each other for 65 years!, my eyes watered, and I was filled with respect, and joy, and admiration. As I was capturing their love, they were laughing, holding hands, looking at each other like it wasn't so long ago when it all began. I kept thinking to myself , I want to be like them. I received so much wisdom just by me looking through my lens. Yes, I do want to be like them when I grow old along with Mickey and be an example to other young couples, just like they were to us.

laugh often people say ... is true, laugh with your husband and wife and with your children not just often but all the time. enjoy each moment, enjoy each other. and make the best forever moments.