Our wish came true when we met You!...

We love what we do! We get to meet wonderful people who share their life’s special moments with us. And mom, dad and little M welcomed us in one bright Saturday morning.

It wasn't long before we would experience the warmth that radiated from their love and affection. And as we toured the home and chatted about family life we were touched by every detail that went into the decorating of their home and nursery. Family heirlooms and thoughtful gifts from loving friends brought meaning to rooms and walls.

We had the privilege to hold little M’s great grandmother’s baby booties! Dad’s dresser, now in M’s room, painted by grandma, still had a roller skate wheel put-in to replace a broken knob back when he was a young boy. And much, much more.

So as you look through these pictures, we hope you enjoy and we hope you are inspired by every detail.