It was such an honor to photograph Rose and Callum’s wedding.

My heart was filled with joy as I captured Rose walking down the aisle, and Callum’s reaction, unable to contain his tears, when he saw her for the first time in that beautiful dress. Oh, what a beautiful day!!! It was especially a unique gift to me, I was so excited! thrilled! and thankful!

Nearly ten years ago, at the beginning of my journey to become a wedding photographer, I asked Rose to be one of my models for a wedding styled photoshoot that would help me build my portfolio. Her mom offered her wedding dress, and we went all out! cake! flowers! decorations! As I tried my best to look the part and not show my insecurities, all I remember was Rose’s kindness and joyful sweetness that made me feel comfortable and at peace.

I love how God weaves our lives together, He truly gives us beautiful stories all around us. 

Congratulations Callum and Rose!