“A living, breathing, walking miracle.”

I borrowed this line from Matthew West’s song, because this gifted and handsome guy that you see here, is a walking miracle. I have goose bumps as I write!

I was so happy to finally meet Ellis. I met his wonderful family the year prior while he was in his last year of University and they told me the most amazing things about him. I was really looking forward to meeting the last member of this pack - because when you meet one of them, you get the whole amazing package. Mom, Dad and three boys. A concert of love, unity and sacrifice. 

At the beginning of Ellis’ life, the doctors told his parents that he would not been able to do a lot of things. He was a premature baby. In fact, those very first days were one-day-at-a-time, not knowing what would happen the very next day. But God had different plans for him. He is “a living, breathing, walking miracle”. God sustained him and strengthened him and He also gifted him - and I can say that I met a musical prodigy! And now we celebrate his graduation with a double major from Berklee School of Music.  

Congratulations Ellis, we wish the best!!!