Pili and Wes’s wedding was very close to my heart for many reasons.

Mickey and I were only engaged when we first met Wes, we were Children’s Ministry helpers and

Wes was only 5 years old! We watched him grow super tall! and become a kind young man who loves God with all his heart.

We are close to his family and his parents have been a blessing to us in many ways. When he contacted me to possibly be his photographer I felt so happy and honored.

And when I met Pili I was jumping up and down full of joy. She is this beautiful, kind, full-of-love-for-God girl from Colombia!!!

And when they both spoke to each other, they did it with so much love and respect. 

These two are made for each other.

They are the sweetest, and fun, and so down to earth. One of the challenges they faced for their wedding day,

probably one of the toughest, was that Pili’s family was not able to come from Colombia because of the pandemic,

but Pili and Wes worked hard to make Pili’s family part of the whole wedding day. Her family in Colombia was able to watch the entire ceremony through zoom,

and her family had also prepared videos and these were shared during the ceremony and reception……

that was another thing that made me respect this couple even more, I’m sure that it was a challenge to make it happen but you could see how important it was for both.

The ceremony was in Spanish and English and the whole thing was beautiful - how two countries, two cultures, came together in Love. 

I’m sure that if you sit with them and listen to all the beautiful miracle God did for them that you would be amazed. 

Pili and Wes, I must love you so so much that I photographed your wedding during the 17-year Cicada invasion. If you ask around, I did not come out of my house the entire season, and if I came out, I was covered with a bee keeper head thingy that looked hilarious and ridiculous, but that’s how it was. On your wedding day though, I trusted God, that not one of those crazy horrible things would land on me - and not one came my way. Thank goodness they were almost at their end. 

Love, Mache